Monday, April 18, 2011

Bulldog Estate & Scamsniper Banned /Blocked by Facebook

It came as no surprise to me when Facebook disabled my page helping people in dealing with those tagging apps and made my notes un-viewable. They have now shut down Scam Sniper  and The Bulldog Estate and even several other temp pages they attempted to make ! They have never done anything other than try to help people and stop the spammers and scammers.

I have been sure for a long time that Facebook is only concerned with making money. I became certain of it awhile back when they attempted to shut down an app I play (Ghost Trappers)   Long story short, use whiskey and other drinks to catch Scottish ghosts (they all said non-alcoholic). They have 51k monthly users and do not buy ads and that made Facebook angry. FB gave them almost 0 time to remove all traces of alcohol references from the game. Luckily they were able to pull it off but we were without pics for awhile.

We have all seen that Mafia Wars has guns and alcohol references a plenty. And Pot Farm has almost 1 million users and it's all about growing illegal drugs and avoiding cops and tons of others as well. But guess what ? They advertise with Facebook as do countless similar ones so its ok.

I had already voiced that I thought Facebook was paid to look the other way or act slowly on all these tagging issues etc. I think the only ones they have deleted are the copy cats that did not pay them. Our security on FB is absolute crap and there is no reason to be. Well actually there is, it makes them money. By having crappy security (they appear to have fought tooth and nail not to get HTTPS and even now its an OPT IN service)  they attract hackers, spammers and scammers like flies on manure. Which pulls them more money from advertising due to site activity and I have no doubt they find more ways to get paid, like selling your info.

Tony, Mike and MBK please let me know anyway I can help ! Even if that means giving you admin privileges here, whatever I can do to help.

I guess big business will always try to get their way. Soon we'll see Mark Zuckerberg passing out money in Congress.

I know you've all seen / know of similar things which have happened. Share it here ! I'm going to try and draw media attention and make it viral. Maybe if we lay out Mark's "crimes" in one place we can get the word out !


  1. Way to go. Keep up the good work. Sucks that they pulled down Sniper and Bulldog. Showing their true colors they are.

  2. Yep ridiculous is what it is and it's not the first time. I hope we can get this viral and lay the "crimes" at Mark's feet with the media watching.

  3. Zynga to Mark: "Hey Mark, this app Ghost Trappers is starting to take my business and I don't think they advertise with you. You don't want people thinking they can succeed without you right ? "

    Mark : " Hell to the Niz-Oh !" -attempted homicide-

    It's true, we had it on tape but then Zynga unleashed a massive EMP and wiped it.

    And even though Mark had slipped me a rufie and my vision was blurring and I was losing consciousness, I still remember that ringing through the fog like the peal of a bell...