Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fake Tech Support Calls from Microsoft Security or names I mention

A facebook friend asked me this question :

Hello, I have a quick question for you, I just had a phone call, they informed me that they were from the Windows Security sector and they reckon that I had sent them a report stating that I had infections on my computer, but I didn't send them anything. Does this sound like a scam to you? I told them nothing and told them I thought it was a scam and he hung up on me... What do u think???

You did the right thing. I would never give out my information out over the phone to someone who had called ME.

I found little at first searching but I was able to link more and more together from social network posts and forums and eventually found a few blogs. After I figured out the various names these company's go by I was able to find much more info.

So far these are some of the names I've found them using around the world: comantra, unifyinfocom, supportonclick, thenerdsupport, securesecurityinfotech, thesupportonline, go4isecure, thesparksupport, winpctech, compstep, ordinateurassist, advpccare, techisonline, techonsupport, fixonclick, Log4Rescue, PCTechnosupport, onlinepccare, teamviewer, mypctreat, (adding more as I find them)

They have been also using logmein123 which is itself a real legit site but is sadly being used by these hackers.

DO NOT - Give them any personal info or money or anything like that.

DO - If you're nervous just hang up. If you want to try and see that they get caught one day do the following : Try and get as much info on them as possible, Who are they calling for ? ( Is this name uniquie to one of your credit cards or something ?) I use false names alot for security reasons and thus am able to tell where they got my name from by which one is used. What is their name, company, how much do they know about you ? And anything else you can think of.

Or you can do what these guys did and just string them along. This first one has a hard time holding the laughter in as he strings them along for over AN HOUR. (some language)

I love the "Ello" bit in this one and how he reads the letters back too.

How/who do I report this too with the information I've managed to glean from them ?
You can help worldwide by commenting on this blog and any others you may find. However I do have some links to some 

 This is a forum for the phone scams In the US 
 I found an actual government funded one  In the UK  to inform.

I'll be trying to find more but here's a great blog with good info and videos and recordings. Best one I found.

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