Friday, April 15, 2011

I've seen people posting Updates/Comments etc about "Working Free FB credits" on various groups and status updates

The status update /post on pages / on groups , says something about a working way to receive 100 ( or 1000) or something free FB credits and gives you a link to go to. Folks-- you will NEVER find anything like this that is legit. STOP CLICKING it.

DO NOT CLICK THESE, just ignore them or comment on them saying " With all due respect, these things will NEVER work and will only spam people. PLEASE do not re-post things like this. Thank you "

HOWEVER, if you HAVE clicked it you'll be taken to and will see a page that looks like this :

Since these appear to be outside sites I guess the thing to do ( IF you have already clicked on the site) is, don't click anything else but instead - RIGHT-click page > view page info > Click the Permissions tab at top > Un-Check ALL of the default settings and block them all that way. You'll not see any confirmation or anything so just close page.

It WILL have given you cookies. So, very top left of your screen (at least with Modzilla Firefox) click  Tools tab,  if you only want to delete these cookies I guess hit clear last hour (or how ever long) Under "details" you'll see options, make sure cookies is checked and then click "Clear Now"

I'm sure there is a better / easier way but I'm not savvy enough to make a 1 button block for these things. I'll let you know if I find someone who is.

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