Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook users go viral demanding answers

Why is security opt in ? Why are we still seeing so many scammers and spammers ? Why are those who try to block these and warn people, banned and blocked themselves while the real problem is ignored ? Is Zuckerberg in bed with Zynga (Farmville, Mafia Wars & More) ?

These were a few of the questions posed by Facebook users all around the net yesterday and today. It raises many good questions. Why do we have to opt in for security ?  If you haven't thought about that, maybe you should. I would think making your site more secure would be a good thing. But you have to try and find it and opt in, only have it run poorly. Many believe that the errors and issues are attempts to frustrate you into opting out again.

Then there is the wave of recent bannings and blocking of those who only were helping to keep facebook secure and spam free. As mentioned in my previous blog ,The Bulldog Estate and Scam Sniper never did anything other than help users and provide blocks for these spammers. Most believe that is the reason for their blocks / bans. We have seen these scammers and spammers actually advertising with Facebook, and with the good guys providing users with a 300+ list of blocks, they interrupted the most important thing - profits. That's the only explanation any of us can come up with. Even my woefully unsuccessful first attempt to help with blocks, was made un-viewable on Facebook a few days ago. 

With the ban of The Bulldog Estate and Scam Sniper the users gathered in numbers and let it be know that they have had enough ! The posts have been blowing up the web. My last blog is under current on the front page of Yahoo Buzz. I've seen reports posted to TMZ and WikiLeaks and MSNBC. I saw it being talked about on internet radio shows.  Graham Cluley, who is with Naked Security Sophos and was named Twitter user of the year' by Computer Weekly in 2009 and 2010, has also been trying to help on Twitter. Support pages, "Bring them Back" pages and countless other supporters and those outraged have popped up all over Twitter and Facebook , many of them blocked or banned just as quickly.

But the people have not stopped and seem to be gaining momentum if anything. They are taking it to the news in every form and state, "We shall not sit idly by as these heinous injustices are committed ! We will no longer stand for sloppy security and lack of privacy." They have opened letters, complaints, questions and have attempted to be heard on Facebook Live. Without any sort of proper response and days later, they have taken their fight to the media.  I for one, shall stand with them.

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