Friday, April 15, 2011

My beef with major name computers

Sadly most major brands of PCs are made to fail within 1-3 years.

There is a dual purpose in doing so. First and foremost, people want small little PCs and laptops even though in doing so, it can't cool properly and doesn't have room for powerful enough fans. Secondly, now your PC is dead and just after the 1 year warranty as well (even if you could get them to properly honor it).

Chances are you don't have a spare and need a quick cheap replacement because you probably haven't been saving for one and thus, have a good chance of buying one of the major name pre-made ones.

Most people don't realize they can get a nice desktop made for about the same price as a "Pre-made" store one. It'll probably be significantly better with better quality and have about three times the lifespan ~ IF~ done by trustworthy, reliable people.

I know that many of you have "Nightmare" stories involving these companies who pump computers out like crazy without proper testing. Feel free to share them !

In the photo you'll see the new CherryPal. OMG it's so cute !!! (no joke it really is) and for $249 it can be yours. But for $50 more and obviously a bit larger I can show you ones that kick it to the curb ! (The CherryPal only has 256 ram and it's hard drive is actually a 4 gig flash drive .... that's right, 4g "Hard Drive")

- Information from various sources such as: The New York Times and and of course, myself.


  1. Isn’t that the truth.. I bought a dell and it didn’t last but a few months. They replace part after part after part… They end up finally sending me a replacement and admitting the one I bought was a lemon. They send me out one that’s a bit better than what I bought. This one goes though 6 keyboards, 5 harddrives, 4 cd roms, 3 motherboards, and 1 cooling fan/ heatsink…. In THREE weeks time.. They didn’t want to send me a replacement regardless of how much I tried and called. Lets not forget the rudeness I received from the men from India that they outsource too… was downright ridiculous! I finally call them up and corporate and let them know I’ve contacted a lawyer and gave them all his information along with the BBB and the trade commission. They sent me a new computer… this ones had issues since I got it out of the box.. don’t buy dell!

  2. I've heard similar experiences so many times! Thanks so much for sharing !